ZTE Strives to be the Best Partner in 100G Market

On April 29, 2014, the annual Broadband Asia forum opened in Singapore. Here ZTE shares the views of Mr. Wei Xiaoqiang, director of its Wireline Product Planning Department, about “100G and beyond”.

The “100G and beyond” era is coming

Mr. Wei believes that the explosive growth of data traffic makes global operators have more urgent needs for 100G and beyond. In the future five years, 100G will become the most important factor that drives the market growth of optical network equipment. According to the latest optical transport equipment market prediction report released by Dell’Oro, by 2018, the global optical transport equipment sales will reach 15 billion dollars. Among them, the sales of 100Gbps WDM/OTN equipment will take 80% of the overall WDM/OTN sales in 2018, with the compound annual growth reaching 8%,This proves that the “100G and beyond” era is coming.

Core technology is the key to victory in 100G

Based on OVUM data in recent years, ZTE has kept the highest growth rate in global optical network market, and now ranks top 2 in the world. Mr. Wei considers that ZTE’s rapid growth in optical network market partly attributes to the prosperity of global 100G market, but what is more important is that ZTE has always mastered core technologies of 100G products. Mr. Wei said ZTE has kept high and sustainable resource investment on 100G and beyond product R&D, so it has profound technology accumulation and has tackled a series of key technologies in recent years. At OFC forum in March 2014, ZTE successfully carried out 3600km long-distance single-mode fiber transmission, which created a new world record in 400G high-speed transmission. In October 2013, ZTE cooperated with China Telecom to complete the T-bit ultra-long-haul real-time optical transmission experiment, creating a real-time optical transmission system with the longest transmission distance and highest transmission rate. ZTE’s excellent performance in 100G and beyond products has been widely recognized in the industry. ZTE got the “Best 100G Optical Network Product” award at IIR WDM forum in 2013; ZTE together with T-Mobile Austria won the “GTB Innovation Award” in 2012; ZTE gained the Infovision award of “Core & Metro Network Innovation and Advances” at BBWF Europe in 2011.

ZTE strives to be the best 100G partner

“To transform technological achievements timely, to help customers improve benefits and to be the best 100G partner” is the objective of ZTE. ZTE bearer network products have entered over 600 operators in 130 countries on a large scale. ZTE helps operators to utilize optical network resource efficiently with its innovative technologies and solutions, and its mature expanding and upgrading capability can meet the ever-increasing network requirements. So far, ZTE has more than fifty 100G WDM networks, covering areas including Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America, to build high-quality 100G transmission networks for global top operators. Especially in February 2014, ZTE won the 100G OTN west ring project of China Mobile. This project, with a total length of over 20,000km, involves 20 provinces and municipalities in Middle and West China, where the natural and geographical environments are rather complicated. With the best 100G solution and strong product competiveness, ZTE got the acknowledgement of China Mobile and leapt straight to success. At the same time, ZTE also signed cooperation agreements and product supply contracts with a number of renowned Internet enterprises. With years of accumulation and investment on 100G and beyond, ZTE has got rewards from the market and its 100G market scale is continuously expanding. ZTE’s long-term goal is to provide the customers with the best solutions, to be the best 100G partner and to lead 100G and beyond technology development.


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