ZTE to deliver LTE in Slovakia

Slovak operator SWAN on Thursday signed up Chinese vendor ZTE to deliver a nationwide LTE project. The deal includes the exclusive construction of a core CS/PS (circuit-switched/packet-switched) network, and a GSM/LTE and VAS network, involving over 1,100 dual-mode base stations.

A greenfield operator, SWAN was granted the fourth wireless operator license in Slovakia in January 2014 and plans to build out the more than 1,100 GSM and LTE base stations within three years.

SWAN joins incumbent carrier Slovak Telekom, controlled by Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefónica as the existing players in the market.

ZTE will be using its SDR to provide seamless dual-mode GSM/LTE communications across the country and high-power RRUs (remote radio units) to avoid spectrum fragmentation and to deliver high bandwidth and LTE frequency adjustment. There will be an inbuilt evolution roadmap so SWAN can move to LTE-A in the future.

SWAN’s nationwide LTE network project is the first large-scale commercial network built by ZTE in Slovakia.

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