20 arrests at Telecom Italia

At least 20 people were arrested by Italian police on Wednesday evening following an investigation at Telecom Italia (TI) into suspected illegal wiretapping.

Police arrested and detained a former TI manager as well as public officials and police and Carabinieri officers in several cities. The former manager is Giuliano Tavaroli, who was responsible for security. Reports also suggest the police arrested Pierguido Iezzi, current security chief of Pirelli & C SpA, which controls Telecom Italia.

According to police sources in Italy, those arrested have been charged with criminal association aimed at corruption and abuse of office. Three of the 20 suspects were placed under house arrest.

According to reports in the Italian press, Tavaroli obtained confidential information illegally — including legal records, bank account numbers and other sensitive data. He did this with the help of tax police officials, police and other public officials, the reports say.

Investigators are still baffled at why Tavaroli gathered the information and what he did with it. They seized bank accounts in Luxembourg and Switzerland belonging to Tavaroli. According to the police, the net includes several sports figures and celebrities as well as TI employees.

The arrests took place in several cities in northern Italy, including Milan, Florence, Bologna and Turin, police said.

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