T-Mobile hacker gets detention

The man arrested for hacking into T-mobile USA has been sentenced with a one year home detention order and a $10,000 fine.

Nicholas Lee Jacobsen, 23, hacked into the personal records of T-Mobile’s customers in 2004 and shot to infamy after it was revealed one of those customers was a Secret Service agent.

According to the company, Jacobsen’s rummage through its records was limited by its security systems which prevented him going further than he did after he broke through initial barriers. Special Agent Peter Cavicchia did have some of his personal data read by Jacobsen but, according to US reports, the covert agency will not be puruing charges.

Despite restrictions on Jacobsen, he was able to sift through names and social security details of over 400 T-Mobile customers. During the case hearing, it was alleged he also attempted to access credit card details but was foiled.

Jacobsen conceded that he had done some “very stupid things” to US District Judge George King at his sentencing Monday in Los Angeles.

“What you’ve done is very dangerous to others. Maybe you didn’t fully appreciate that, perhaps because of your youth,” Judge King told Jacobsen Monday.


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