Bartz resigns from Yahoo board

Carol Bartz has resigned from the Yahoo board after being sacked from her role as CEO last week.

Bartz had said at the time of her dismissal that she intended to remain as a director, but the company has now confirmed that she has given up her seat on the board.

She had expressed her disappointment at being told the news by chairman Roy Bostock over the phone, and notified the entire company of her dismissal via email, before branding Yahoo’s board as “doofuses” in an interview with Fortune magazine. Reports suggest that in doing so, she may have violated a non-disparagement clause in her contract worth $10m.

Bartz’s sacking came after more than two and a half years at the firm. CFO Timothy Morse was appointed interim CEO and will also continue in his role as CFO.

During her time at the firm, Bartz oversaw a tie-up between Yahoo and Nokia. The global deal saw the two firms offering one another’s services, with Nokia providing Yahoo with mapping and navigation services and Yahoo providing Nokia with email and instant messaging capabilities.

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