Emerson wins AUS$100m deal for Australian NBN

The Australian government has awarded Emerson Network Power a AUS$100 million contract to supply key infrastructure to the National Broadband Network (NBN) project in Australia. Emerson, said that it will be designing, supplying and installing cooling and infrastructure management systems at ten network centres to support the NBN roll-out across Australia.

Ross Campbell, vice president Telecom Asia for Emerson Network Power said in a statement that the infrastructure company’s bid was successful due to its, “ability to create integrated solutions that bring core IT and telecommunications components together.”

Cambell added that, “this capability will deliver tremendous value not only to NBNCo but also to the general public as beneficiaries of the technology, through efficiencies in network rollout and the highest levels of network performance.”

NBN Co Head of Network Operations, Steve Christian, said in a statement that, “We’re pleased to be working with Emerson Network Power on this project. The infrastructure the company is supplying will play an important role in ensuring the National Broadband Network is able to reach every Australian home and business.”

The size of the contract is likely to add fuel to the fire over the cost of the NBN  project, which The Australian shadow minister for communications and broadband, Malcolm Turnball has criticised as ”the most expensive, most anti-competitive broadband network in the world”.

Speaking at the recent Broadband World Forum, Turnball told the audience that, “I think there is a lot of technical enthusiasm and exuberance associated with the building of fibre to the home – obviously it is the ultimate solution but it comes at such very high cost… I think the reality is that taxpayers’ money is a scarce resource, and you’ve got to get the balance right.”

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