Vodafone Germany claims country’s first commercial VoLTE service

Coinciding with the international computer show CeBIT, Vodafone Germany has launched a voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service in Germany. Claiming it is the first such service in the country the telco demonstrated the first live VoLTE call and said it is ready to be rolled-out across its 4G network.

According to the operator, the service will ensure ‘crystal’ clear voice quality, super-fast call connection and encryption against eavesdroppers on the network. The launch was announced as part of the telco’s wider digitisation strategy, which also outlined focus on 5G, secure communications for enterprises, and IoT.

Vodafone Germany’s CEO Jens Schulte-Bockum said: “Germany’s digitisation requires more than just smart factories: smart Germany will begin from smart factories. Therefore digitisation must also come to people as well as for small and large businesses to offer simplicity, security and affordability. With fast, secure networks we can bring Germany into the [time of the] Internet of Things.”

The operator also claimed it is the first telco in Germany to have developed a secure e-mail encryption that works on both PCs and mobile devices, including tablets. The firm said this will make it easier and cheaper for companies to unify their operations, even across global operations.

The VoLTE announcment follows Vodafone UK’s announcement last week it is set to launch VoLTE and wifi calling this summer. EE was quick to report with its planned launch dates for said services too, saying this will happen at the beginning of April.

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