RTX launches Fast Pay carrier exchange settlement service

UK wireless exchange outfit RTX has launched Fast Pay, a system designed to speed up payments between users of its global carrier exchange service. The service allows operators to buy and sell voice and data services from each other across the world, which in turn can improve the yield and flexibility of their comms offerings.

RTX is claiming a first with Fast Pay in terms of offering expedited payment terms. It says large carriers often pay on extended terms, which can cause cashflow issues. In this case ‘expedited’ seems to entail RTX providing cashflow assurance in partnership with some major banks in order to facilitate the whole process.

“Our exchange allows operators to identify profitable routes and destinations for network traffic,” said Andrew Jacobs, Sales Director at RTX. “RTX Fast Pay provides suppliers with much faster payments allowing them to better manage their cash flow and increase supply based on capacity requirements.”

“RTX Fast Pay enables greater competition in the wholesale market as it increases the volume of competitive supply,” said Albert Mackey, CEO at RTX. “Through RTX both sets of carriers enter into fully secured agreements with improved control of their cash flow and growth opportunity.”

RTX was founded in 2007 to enable its members to trade their traffic worldwide. This latest development is designed to further reassure operators and reduce their financial risk when using the core carrier exchange service.

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