Samsung buys cloud services player

Newly instated handset market leader Samsung is looking to shore up its services offerings, with the acquisition of a US firm, mSpot, which specialises in cloud storage and streaming of multimedia content.

MSpot, based in California, confirmed the purchase, for an undisclosed sum, on Wednesday. The deal will give Samsung a cloud-based services suite, catering to music, video and radio services for users of its devices, while extending mSpot’s existing cloud and streaming offerings to a broader base.

“mSpot’s entertainment services will be a key integrated offering on newly announced Samsung mobile devices,” the firm said.

The cloud firm’s existing offerings are akin to digital locker services like Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player, allowing users to upload content and access it via a variety of web-enabled devices. MSpot also offers a streaming user-defined radio service as well as a movie purchase and download platform.

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