Romania lowers WiMAX auction price

Romania’s regulator, the National Authority for Communications (ANC), is to re-open the auction of two 3.6GHz WiMAX licences. Only this time, instead of asking for a reserve bid price of Eur7.5m, it will be lowered to Eur1m.

The previous higher tender failed to attract any bids from the six parties that had expressed an initial interest in the WiMAX licences.

ANC president Liviu Nistoran says the auction will be open with minimal conditions attached to the licences, which will also allow for both urban and rural WiMAX coverage.

The six companies that bought Terms of Reference for the initial tender were: Asesoft International, Comcore Management, Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications, Media Sat, RCS&RDS and Vodafone Romania.

It is expected that more companies will become involved in Romania’s 3.6GHz licence auctions now that the reserve prices have been lowered.


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