Pakistan reaches 2 million broadband users

There were two million broadband users in Pakistan by the end of April 2012, according to recent figures from the country’s telecoms regulator.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority adds that the number of DSL connections had reached 849,228 by the end of April, followed by WiMax and EvDo with 575,572 and 537,908 respectively.

The number of internet users with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections had reached 8,052, while HFC connections continue to decline, reaching 35,993.

The PTA predicts that the number of internet users is likely to grow in the coming months as operators continue to explore untapped urban markets.

Interestingly, Internet traffic actually saw a 30 per cent decrease since October 2011, when the Pakistani government blocked access to pornographic websites, but has now begun to recover again.

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