BT sort of addresses security concerns with Trend Micro tie-up

BT has announced the immediate availability of Trend Micro’s Deep Security data centre solution on its cloud compute platform, but does that actually answer the question of security?

Deep Security is available across BT’s 22 global cloud delivery zones in 19 countries across Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific, on a pay-as-you-use basis. Customers will receive the option to turn on the service when the sign up to BT’s cloud compute platform, activating as many or few modules as necessary.

“Our customers are relying on cloud to help them accelerate their digital transformation,” said Neil Lock, VP of BT Compute at Global Services, BT. “As a leading cloud services integrator, we aim to make that journey as smooth and easy as possible. By tightly integrating Trend Micro’s solution into our Compute portfolio we are giving our customers an option to use industry leading security thus simplifying cloud security and delivering on our Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy.”

“The concept of shared responsibility in the cloud requires all customers to make security a priority, but the dynamic nature of the environment means a traditional data centre approach simply doesn’t fit,” said Bharat Mistry, Cyber Security Consultant at Trend Micro.

“Trend Micro’s Deep Security helps customers meet shared security responsibilities with the industry’s most complete solutions set for BT’s Cloud Compute platform. Users benefit from a comprehensive security solution protecting their servers from multiple threats.”

Security add ons for cloud customers are hardly a new approach to generating brand credibility in the digital era, as vendors need to adjust their capabilities to suit the more security sensitive rhetoric which is dominating news sites currently. That said, it is sweeping the problem under the rug to a degree. Security is a genuine challenge for the industry, due to the all-encompassing nature of the digital era, but there have been few ideas put on the table. Solutions such as this are reactive to the problems, not proactive.

Until security is a consideration which is built into products, as opposed to a feature which is added on top at a later date, it will continue to be a challenge, and an under-appreciated aspect of the telco and technology world. With this in mind, is BT answering the question of security, or is it simply compounding the problem?

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