Fitbit finally addresses the hypochondriac market

A new app is now available for Fitbit users around the world that will tell them when they are getting ill.

Developed by Datapult, the new app named achu, will measure health indicators from Fitbit users to understand whether they are coming down with a cold. It’ll be a welcome break for hypochondriacs everywhere, who must feel they are being ignored by technology companies. After all, there’s an app for everything, so why not create one for the paranoid?

The app takes the most current data from a number of different metrics, and compares this information against historical information from that user. For instance, when you feel you have a cold or fever, you log this instance with the app, which then uses the available information in the lead up to this illness to alert the user of an impending illness, should the same pattern emerge once again.

“We realized that there was a significant need for an app that can use the data that we are actively feeding into our health trackers and wearables daily that would really make a difference in predicting our future health, not just seeing what we’ve done in the past,” said Tony Peticca, Founder of Datapult. “achu uses data from past patterns in our activity that led to a cold or flu, and enables us to take more control over recognizing those patterns going forward so that we can take the appropriate actions to fight the oncoming illness.”

The app has been developed exclusively for Fitbit, which may not be as surprising as it first sounds, considering the market dominance Fitbit currently oversees in the wearables segment. The app also provides tips to the user on how they can be healthier and avoid future illness.

As fitness and wellbeing would be considered the main driver behind wearable purchases for the moment, it is unsurprising to see such apps make an appearance. That said, we’re not too sure hypochondriacs need much validation to go see the doctor.

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