T-Mobile US makes a big deal out of DIGITS

Disruptive US operator T-Mobile is rolling out its DIGITS mobile phone number portability initiative to all customers following a five-month beta.

At its core DIGITS seems to build on a number of similar initiatives tried out in recent years, the difference being this one is provided by an operator rather than an OTT like Google. Calls to your mobile number can now be picked up by other connected devices, presumably by routing the call though some kind of VoIP interface.

The other headline feature is the ability to have multiple phone numbers on one phone – typically personal and business. The multi-device thing seems to be free to all TMUS subscribers but an additional number costs an extra $10 per month. This is also being positioned as another nail in the landline coffin as you can also port other numbers to your phone.

We could bring you the usual used-car-salesman hectoring quotes from CEO Legere and his inner circle but you might as well get the sales pitch directly from TMUS COO Mike Sievert below. The service officially goes live on 31 May.


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