Vivendi’s Amos Genish appointed as TIM CEO by Vivendi CEO

Long-shot Amos Genish has sensationally been plucked from obscurity at Vivendi to run Italian operator TIM in a move nobody saw coming at all.

In a crazy coincidence he will find himself working closely with his former boss at Vivendi – Arnaud de Puyfontaine – who just happens to be Chairman of the TIM board. What are the chances of that eh?

“It is a privilege and an honour to have been appointed Chief Executive Officer of TIM, a company that has a great history and a bright future ahead of it”, said an otherwise speechless Genish (pictured), who recovered his composure long enough to serve up a subsequent montage of tech buzzwords.

“We’ll continue transform TIM to be a truly digital telco,” he continued. “Our DigiTIM program is based on some key fundamentals which are mostly focusing on providing superior customer experience, leveraging digitalisation to enhance the interface with our clients; smart analytics through big data to personalize our products and services; and adding video and multimedia on top of our best in class connectivity for a convergent offer, while continuing investing in our ultra-broadband coverage to support the evolution to the Gigabit Society.”

“We have a clear long-term vision: to return TIM to its rightful splendour, making a crucial contribution to the digitalisation of the country, the creation of Digital Italy, through investment and people,” said de Puyfontaine. “TIM must have a constructive collaboration with the institutions and regulators: creating value for TIM means creating value for the country.”

With the inference that any interference with his plans will directly damage the whole of Italy and is thus, in effect, treason, de Puyfontaine is moving to the end game of his cut-price acquisition of TIM. He also took this opportunity to vote himself some more powers, opening the possibility that board meetings will be conducted in French from now on and that the company will soon be rebranded to Timendi, or maybe Le Tim.

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