Your professional reputation hangs in the balance

Marketing managers throughout the telecoms industry are walking a tightrope as they deliberate over entering the only industry awards event worth bothering with.

Entries to the Global Telecoms Awards 2018 opened recently and we’re seeing frankly shocking hesitation over the easiest decision telecoms industry professionals will ever have to make in their lives. It’s simple: enter the awards and maybe receive the kind of recognition normally reserved for Hollywood actors or sports stars. What’s not to like?

“I thought about entering last year but, you know what it’s like, other stuff got in the way and I ended up missing the deadline,” confided one industry insider on condition of anonymity because we just made them up. “I had forgotten about the whole thing, but when I read about the award winners and what a great night it was I was kicking myself, I don’t mind telling you!”

Does that sound like a happy, fulfilled person to you? No, of course it doesn’t. They’re probably in counselling right now to deal with the psychological scars their mistake caused. But there’s hope; the best therapy of all would be to simply enter this year’s awards and turn over a completely new leaf.

Here’s a video of everyone having a top time last year. Watch it, watch it now! Actually no, you shouldn’t waste another moment before going to the awards site and getting involved. Come to think of it you could have the video open in one browser page while you go to the awards site in another. Yes, that’s a good idea, do that. Well go on then, what are you waiting for?


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