Google suppliers prepped for Christmas assault on speaker market

Google has been preparing its suppliers for the launch of a smart speaker equipped with a display screen as it targets Amazon’s dominance in the build up to Christmas.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, the new device will continue to promote the voice user interface, though touch could be an option, and will expand the entertainment options and functionality. Aside from YouTube now being a relevant platform, the door is now opened to mapping features, as well as eCommerce.

“Google targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen. It’s an aggressive plan,” one source stated.

Google currently sits in second place in the smart speaker market, though it is catching Amazon, which has seen its dominance slightly erode over the last three months. While this is encouraging for Google, it should also be noted the entry of mainstream brands will also erode this market share and present a much sterner challenge, as consumers find comfort in the familiar.

Demand is clearly booming across the world, Google and Amazon did an excellent job in normalising the product over the last 12 months, though which will be the dominant virtual assistant is still an open question. This is where the real cash will be made, and the introduction of speakers certainly creates numerous opportunities to make money.

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