Mobile games account for the majority of all global gaming software spend

Mobile analytics firm App Annie has published its latest annual state of the market, which reveals the mobile gaming market is going from strength to strength.

Global spend on mobile games reached 56% of all game software in 2019, according to the report. Other notable findings include a forecast that mobile advertising spend will increase by 26% this year, 95% of spending on non-gaming apps coming from subscriptions and that Gen Z has 60% more sessions per user in the most popular apps when compared to older generations.

“In 2019, consumers downloaded 1.7 billion Business apps and spent over $500 million in them, up 10% and 25% year over year, respectively — an indication of both increasing demand for business apps and willingness to pay for the value they provide,” said Lexi Sydow, Senior Market Insights Manager at App Annie.

“In 2019, companies with mobile as a core focus to their business had an 825% higher average valuation than non-mobile companies. While many of the companies focused on B2C, the consumption habits are clear: consumers are spending 25% of their waking hours on their mobile devices each day — clocking in at 3 hours and 40 minutes per day. Mobile is a vital channel for interacting with consumers, and companies that succeed in mobile are reaping financial rewards.”

App Annie provided loads of charts and even an infographic (remember them?), so we’ll let them do the talking on both global and UK app trends.

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