O2 pumps green appeal of 5G

While 2020 might not be the catalyst year for 5G some were hoping for, O2 has turned to the environmental benefits of the technology to engage enterprise customers.

With 60 locations now live around the UK and plans to have 70 up and running by the end of the year, the telecoms industry now needs to figure out how to sell 5G to customers, both consumer and enterprise. The operational benefits have been discussed at length for years, but the environment benefits of the technology have often been overlooked.

“Ultrafast connectivity can play a significant part in rebuilding Britain whilst helping to green the economy, and at O2 we are committed to playing our part,” said O2 CEO Mark Evans.

“Our ‘Greener connected future’ report sets out a vision for how connected solutions enabled by 4G and 5G could power a green revolution over the next decade and beyond. If we invest now, there is a real opportunity for Britain to become a leading adopter of 5G and unleash the power of connected solutions to build a greener future for generations to come.”

The report suggests 5G could help save 269 megatons of CO2 by 2035, with the utilities and home energy sector seeing the biggest benefits. These numbers are of course reliant on a rapid digital transformation programme, with smart technology embedded throughout the business. If the story is smart energy meters is anything to go by, there would certainly need to be improvements.

These numbers are of course entirely theoretical, though it is another string in the bow for O2 sales staff. Selling connectivity solutions to traditional businesses is a difficult task, though there is certainly value in saving a company money as well as creating opportunities to make more.

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