Glotel Awards entry deadline extended for the first time in at least a year

In response to overwhelming demand the deadline for entries into the 2021 Global Telecoms Awards has been extended to the end of the month.

While it’s hardly unprecedented, it serves as a reassuring reminder of the continuing good health of the global telecoms business that so many companies are desperate for an opportunity to have their achievements recognised. Not enough to interrupt their Summer holidays, it should be noted, but we’re all allowed a bit of time off.

“In hindsight, expecting people to get their act together by early September was somewhat optimistic,” said Editor Scott Bicheno. “Even though it has been a nightmare trying to get out of the country thanks to the Rona, nobody is really in the mood to do much in August even if they’re just sitting around the house.”

To its credit, the Glotels team decided not to drip feed the somewhat inevitable entry deadline extensions week-by-week and instead give you an extra 20 days all in one go. But that’s it, OK? Definitely no more after that. Even though you’ve got, like, three weeks to sort your submissions out it can be a nightmare getting colleagues to help out and the time can fly by. So don’t delay, get on it today and give your company a chance at recognition by the telecoms industry’s most respected awards.

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