UQ: WiMAX trials to start this month

UQ Communications, a 2.5GHz licence holder in Japan, and which counts Intel and Samsung among its investors, has announced it will start trials of its mobile WiMAX service on 26 February. The trial will continue until 30 June this year.

During the trial period, a maximum  of 5,000 ‘monitors’ who meet certain selection criteria (over 20, hold a credit card and willing to take part in questionnaire surveys) will be able to use the service for free using loaned data cards.

Under the brand name UQ WiMAX, the service trials will take place in Tokyo (all 23 wards), Yokohama, and Kawasaki. 

When the service goes commercial, UQ says it will charge a flat rate of 4,480 yen per month with a separate sign-up fee of 2,835 yen.

By the end of June 2009, UQ intends to extend WiMAX coverage to Nagoya and Osaka. Antennas will also be installed in 44 railway stations in the metropolitan area, on the Yamanote line and other lines operated by East Japan Railway (also an investor in UQ Communications).

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