GSMA backs NFC initiative

Members of the GSM Association (GSMA) said on Monday that they are coordinating an initiative to encourage a common approach to the implementation of Near Field Communications (NFC) on mobile phones.

NFC is a short range wireless technology that enables a range of ‘contactless’ applications, such as payments or location based services for the mobile market.

Contactless applications are already in commercial use in Japan and have been trialled to varying degrees around the world. Some of the most popular applications include turning the phone into a personal payment and ticketing device, controlling access to and paying for transport on trains, buses or metro systems as well as authorising access to events such as concerts, festivals and sporting occasions.

One of the goals of the GSMA’s involvement in the project and with the NFC Forum is to build on the secure billing and identity relationship operators have with their customers through the SIM card, which is situated inside the handset and contains user profiles and information.

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