Moto unveils 5 mp camera phone

Flagging handset vendor Motorola unveiled the results of its long anticipated collaboration with Kodak this week, lifting the curtain on the MotoZine ZN5, Moto’s first camera-centric phone.

Finally taking a break from pumping out RAZRs and delivering a feature on a par with that of its rivals, the ZN5 packs a 5 megapixel camera and support for Kodak’s own web and PC services.

The unit also delivers EDGE connectivity, Xenon flash, wifi, Bluetooth, FM radio, Windows Media Player 11 and a full HTML web browser.

Ovum analysts Adam Leach and Martin Garner note that the launch comes at a crucial time for Motorola and each new product has to punch above its weight and make a big market impact.

“If this is the shape of Motorola’s strategy for a refresh of its entire portfolio, then it could well be the start of its recovery,” the analysts said. “The concept of targeted propositions optimised for a distinct use case such as photography or music in collaboration with a known brand in that space is definitely a strong approach, as Sony Ericsson has shown. Couple that with an attractive mid-tier price point and it makes for a package that will be quite challenging for competitors.”

But as with the first iPhone, Ovum thinks the lack of 3G will need to be fixed quickly on the ZN5. “Uploading a 5 megapixel picture over EDGE will not be a great user experience and lack of 3G will seriously limit its sales potential in Europe and several other regions,” the analyst said.

Nevertheless, the collaboration with Kodak is essential to the success of the ZN5 and goes some way to providing the ZN5 with some photographic credentials in the eyes of the consumer.

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