Orange gives home screen an overhaul

Orange UK has given the home screen, used on its “Signature” devices range, an overhaul with version 2.5 developed by Abaxia. The polished up version includes such things as push content on the phone’s idle screen and an incremental search function incorporated into the phone’s dialler menu.

But if you find the term “push content” intrusive, Orange execs were keen to point out that you can turn the push functionality off.

The mobile operator does not seem to be too keen on widgets though, all but describing such ideas as toys suited only to childish IT folk. But on the other hand, Orange does expect to publish an API for the screen interface, so users can personalise it and even add “third party applications” and presumably even build their own widgets.

What Orange is really keen on though, is advertising. Phrases like “the most desirable real estate on the phone” were heavily used, in comparison to prime time TV advertising, print display ads and billboards – so it would appear clear where the pay off is.


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