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ZTE Considerations for 5G Network Deployments

5G will not only bring much faster access rates, but also penetrate into every corner of the world through flexible network slicing. It will drive the digital transformation of vertical...


Countdown to Commercial Use of Operator-provided Cloud VR

In 2014, Facebook’s US$2 billion acquisition of the virtual reality hardware company Oculus brought about explosive growth in the VR industry. The market researchers institute IDC predict that the sales...


5G-Oriented Technical Innovation and Practice of ZTE

Nothing can stop people’s yearning for the 5G era! The year 2017 is destined to be recorded in the 5G development history. Early in 2017, to accelerate the publication of...


The Magic Touch

For many within the mobile financial services ecosystem—and in particular for mobile operators—mass adoption of NFC-enabled payment from the mobile device is the end game. For years now, the tap-to-pay...


Burning a hole in the pocket

Solvency aside, it is not difficult for the mature market consumer to pay for goods and services. Cash, cheque, credit and debit card, gift vouchers, loyalty schemes, bank transfer, online...


Africa: The road to m-government

According to the E-Government Survey published by the UN in 2010, although African countries generally lag behind other markets in the rankings of e-government implementation, there has been improvement in...


Healthy Prospects

The telecoms and healthcare sectors are not without their similarities. We hear much of the challenges faced by operators with disparate silos of information within their business. They have to...


Bending the Network OPEX Curve with SON

Click here to give us your feedback on this webinar Rapidly rising data traffic and increasing network complexity means that controlling network OPEX is one of the key challenges facing...


Social services

Social networking has already proven its appeal, if not its worth, on the fixed line internet—and the move to mobile seems a natural evolution. So what happens when these worlds...


Head in the clouds

Despite the proliferation of smartphones and efforts of promoting native development and runtime platforms, web-based services are emerging as cost-effective challengers that could take application runtime to the web environment....


Searching for the next big thing

The adoption of mobile phones to access information and digital content on the web is growing fast, but the mobile search user experience still leaves much to be desired. If...

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