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Latest BSNL bailout worth US$20 billion

merging Bharat Broadband Nigam Limited (BBNL) with BSNL,” the Cabinet said in a statement on Wednesday. A key tenet of the plan will see BSNL awarded almost INR500 billion worth...


India set to finally merge state-owned telcos

...BSNL Chairman and MD PK Purwar, speaking at a recent industry event. “The government has taken a policy decision that BBNL is going to be merged into BSNL,” said Purwar....


India puts more distance between itself and China

...was reportedly making moves to block Huawei and ZTE from supplying equipment to BSNL and MTNL, the two state-owned telcos in the region. While it does appear India is siding...


India set to block Chinese vendors from state networks

The Indian government is reportedly going to block Huawei and ZTE from involvement with BSNL and MTNL, in the latest escalation of bad blood between the two countries. Indian newspaper...


Facebook buys into Jio’s disruptive mission

...Idea 28.89% 304,000,000 (27.3%) BSNL 10.26% 118,025,372 3.2% * Omdia World Information Series ** Telecom Regulatory Authority of India data In the press materials, Reliance Jio has stated the focus...


Indian government bails out BSNL

It turns out that state-owned operator BSNL isn’t very efficient, but the Indian government reckons merging it with even less efficient MTNL should sort things out. That’s the cunning plan...


Nokia getting prickly in India over non-payments

on the verge of limiting its activities with BSNL due to frustration. BSNL is one of the firms which is being hit hardest by the disruption in the market. Prior...


Vodafone CEO bemoans Jio effect on India continue. How many more telcos will disappear from the landscape (there are only effectively four left, including government owned BSNL) before the government steps in to do something. The...


Jio bags another 10 million – how was your October?

...of hundred million mobile subscription to realise. Unsurprisingly, Reliance Jio has greedily devoured almost all of the positive growth. Subscription growth Market share Reliance Jio 10,500,227 22.46% BSNL 386,926 9.7%...


TRAI reveals Jio is the only Indian telco in growth

...13.02 million 21.57% MTNL -9,435 0.3% Reliance -16,349 0.004% BSNL -536,407 9.67% Tata -1.01 million 1.88% Bharti Airtel -2.36 million 29.38% Vodafone -2.62 million 18.97% Idea -4.06 million 18.23% Reliance...


Jio leapfrogs Idea and Vodafone for second place in India

...the combined entity hits top spot. Telco Net Adds Market Share Reliance Jio 11,796,630 19.62% Vodafone 609,974 19.3% Bharti Airtel 313,283 29.81% BSNL 225,962 9.8% Idea 5,489 19.07% MTNL -9,914...


Operator virtualization strategies in Asia

...Nigam Limited (BSNL) in India signed a Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. and German-based Coriant to chart the path to 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the country....

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