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Achieving the optimal mobile network synchronization

...information is delivered over the packet network using Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and PTP. However, the synchronization accuracy declines as the signal proceeds through a packet network from the core to...


Ericsson gains cloud RAN traction with Telstra and Verizon centre makes better use of compute resources, resulting in a more efficient, cost-effective network, Ericsson said. The trial also saw Telstra use Ericsson’s packet-based fronthaul network gateway to connect...


On the 5G edge, you must automate to accumulate

...why a high level of automation is the mobile network operator’s only hope for tackling the unprecedented complexity of edge computing on 5G networks. Is it possible to get more...



Bouygues taps Ericsson for 5G SA core

...week. It will also support network slicing, enabling Bouygues to tailor the performance of individual virtual 5G networks to the differing requirements of its customers. The Swedish kit maker said...


Own 5G. Own the Edge.

...easier upgrade path into the future, there’s simply no viable alternative to packet-optical wireline networks. This is increasingly the case with order of magnitude increases in speed and number of...


The Journey to Virtualized RAN – Insights 2021

...that was 2020. Respondents from around the world shared how their plans for virtual network functions (VNFs), including virtual firewalls, DNS, SBC/IMS, virtualized 4G network cores (or virtual evolved packet...


5G pathway: the business opportunity and what comes next architecture. It presents a true platform on which to innovate, with its potential blossoming once it reaches full maturity with stand-alone networks and infrastructure. This is thanks to its...


Edge computing and 5G power: telco and cloud convergence

...infrastructure to handle the traffic explosion they see, it makes more economic sense for them to adopt next gen architectures for Packet Core and Radio Access Networks and future proof...


Huawei's Intelligent IP Network Solution Passes the EANTC Test

...products and solutions for the all-service intelligent era. Huawei will continue to build networks that feature intelligent ultra-broadband, connections, and O&M, helping carriers around the globe build intelligent IP networks...


Huawei intelligent IP networks, accelerating intelligent connectivity

intelligent IP networks, boosting bandwidth resources. In addition, such future-oriented networks adopt slice-based bandwidth isolation, implementing flexible bandwidth adjustment. Intelligent experience: Intelligent IP networks stand out with intelligent identification of...


Is your legacy charging system ready to monetize 5G?

...For example, most networks can sustain some level of packet loss, re-sending the lost packets at a later point without losing the integrity of the session. Any kind of loss...


Great expectations for the Next Generation 5G Core

The single biggest change in the telecoms landscape over the last year was that commercial 5G networks went live around the world. More than 50 networks in over two dozen...

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