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SK Telecom's metaverse platform goes global

...Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, the US, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.   Get the latest...


Qualcomm cuts outlook amid smartphone market misery

...2023 iPhone than it previously thought. Reports last year claimed Apple was working on an in-house 5G modem in partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). It seems that plan...


Cyber security takes centre stage at Network X

...‘How will geopolitics, regulation and governance impact telecoms going forward?’ He discussed the risks to the global economy including current war in Ukraine and potential other flashpoints such as Taiwan,...


Chip sector further damaged by latest US restrictions

...million in 2021. The world’s biggest contract chip maker is neither American, nor Chinese, by Taiwan’s TSMC. The chip drought of the past couple of years, and the consequent increase...


Samsung to pour KRW 20 trillion into new chip R&D centre

...of TSMC in Taiwan, over which China has been ramping up its sabre rattling of late. A doomsday scenario would be China annexes Taiwan, which would heavily disrupt semiconductor production,...


MediaTek turns to Intel for chip manufacturing

Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek will begin manufacturing chips using Intel Foundry Services, which it says will help it ‘build a more balanced, resilient supply chain.’ MediaTek will use Intel process...


Samsung beats TSMC to the 3nm process finishing line

...surface area compared to 5nm process’, declares the Samsung announcement. 5nm was previously the cutting-edge process, which only Samsung and Taiwan’s TSMC offer. Getting to the next major milestone seems...


Chunghwa goes even greener with Ericsson 5G mid-band kit

Taiwanese telco Chunghwa Telecom has made its network more eco-friendly with the installation of Ericsson equipment for mid-band 5G that brings with it a pretty hefty energy saving. Naturally, both...


Spain splashes out €12 billion on chip making

...that PERTE Chip is one of a number of similar projects underway in Europe. “The shortage of semiconductor production in Europe means a reliance on Taiwan, the United States, South...

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