Category: Big Data

Huawei urges cooperation in establishing AI goals

Huawei kicked off its yearly analyst summit by discussing the current state of digital transformation and then delved into where bleeding edge tech like ‘super AI’ might take society.

Apple, Amazon and Google feel the heat in Q4

Three of Silicon Valley’s juggernauts posted some less than celebratory Q4 2022 results, revealing a gear shift from the boom times many aspects of Big Tech experienced during the pandemic.  

The telecoms industry is facing a data crossroads

Telecoms companies that seek to unlock, share and collaborate with their most unique asset – their data; adopting a data-first approach will collaborate with their eco-systems more strategically and monetise new business streams.

Nokia: ‘We are an intrinsic part of how the UK operates’

We spoke with Phil Siveter, CEO of Nokia for the UK and Ireland, about consumer 5G, saving the environment with digital transformation, and how he sees his company’s purpose as using ‘partnerships and technology to help the world.’

EU gives green light to Amazon buyout of MGM

The European Commission has approved unconditionally Amazon’s acquisition of MGM, concluding it ‘would raise no competition concerns in the European Economic Area.’

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