How to build cloud-native applications for Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform

Date: 27th October
Time: 4pm UK Time

Are you ready to bring Cloud Native Functions to market? Red Hat is here to help. As you know, moving existing on-premise applications to the cloud while creating cloud-native applications quickly and efficiently is a challenge. You’ll also need to understand how to integrate a set of disaggregated network functions into operational solutions. Where do you start?

Together, let’s take advantage of industry learnings and best practices from Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and approach our cloud-native goals the same way. Understanding the details on reintegration of CNFs is critical. Give yourself a head start by embracing the innovation and flexibility that can be gained from a common infrastructure platform.

In this session we will cover why container network function certification is foundational to successfully building industry leading and production ready CNFs. Join us to learn more about:

  • The role of CNFs and why certification is important
  • The role of integrated solutions and why careful curation is important
  • What it takes to onboard and how Red Hat can support your application
  • Key customer considerations and common struggles

Roz Roseboro, Principal Analyst – Cloud Infrastructure & Management, Heavy Reading
Tom Nadeau, Director NFV – Red Hat

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