Monetization of Digital & 5G Services

According to a recent TMF report, up to 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on transformation of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS), which forms just a part of the ongoing digital transformation that every operator is going through. Then there are the usual suspects: the need for faster time to market, as well as the need to sell a wide range of digital services and to manage increasingly complex value chains. In this webinar Openet and telecoms.com will discuss these issues and look at what charging systems need to provide for digital and 5G services.

This webinar will discuss

  • How payments and charging work together to allow your customers to easily buy any service from operators
  • How to use charging as the central point to manage the wider digital value chain and enable new business models
  • How charging can turn the promise of 5G into revenue and minimize the risk with the uncertainty of 5G

Mark Collins, Senior Product Manager – Charging – Openet
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Creator – Telecoms.com

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