FTTx Solution White Paper

Published by ZTE Corporation

Fiber access is one of the most important technologies in the next generation network. It increases
the access layer bandwidth and builds a sustainable-development access layer network. OAN
(Optical Access Network) adopts technologies: active point-to-point (P P) Ethernet and passive
optical network (PON).

At the earlier stage, P P adopted dual Tx and Rx fibers to the user. The fiber layout in pairs
was difficult. With the development of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), now in the PON
technology, one fiber to the user has been realized. In the downstream direction, the wavelength
is 1490 nm, and in the upstream direction, the wavelength is 1 10 nm. PON is the optical access
technology developed to support P MP (Point-to-Multi-Point) applications.

Click here to downalod this whitepaper: fttx-solution-white-paper

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