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Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

Cybersecurity is an arms race. Attackers constantly evolve their techniques, and in response, defenders continue to adapt their defenses. With each passing year, we witness the fallout from this in the form of data breaches, malware outbreaks, privacy infringements and other compromising scenarios that in the end affect telecoms customers, both consumers and businesses. These events continue to attract headlines, and rightly so, divert the public’s attention to the importance of cybersecurity in our ever-more connected world.

The exact events that will draw attention in 2019 are, like every year, impossible to predict and anyone’s guess. Cybersecurity is fast moving, always changing and often mysterious, given the anonymity of our adversaries. But overarching trends can be identified that will affect the course of the year in cyber.

Six experts at cybersecurity provider F-Secure, the leading partner to operators in value-added security solutions, shared their predictions for what to expect throughout the rest of 2019. From IoT to AI, organizational security to consumer concerns, here are the trends that experts predict will affect telecom customers this year.


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