Grey is the new green: Cashing in on the A2P opportunity

Operators the world over should still see significant monetary value in SMS. Recent research indicates that the growth of Application to Person messaging is entering a golden age, a four year window where feature phones still outnumber smartphones globally. A2P messaging has the potential to replenish a revenue stream which many had considered dead for some time.

Unfortunately for the operator community, grey routes that see messages terminated by circumventing operator policies and fees are costing operators millions of dollars in revenue each year.

This whitepaper, sponsored by HAUD Systems and written by Intelligence will present reasonable means for assuring SMS revenue streams and preventing grey route exploitation.

Focusing on:

  • What the A2P opportunity is for operators and what it means.
  • What grey routes are and how they occur.
  • How operators can utilise managed service-based revenue assurance solutions to protect from revenue leakage and fraud.

Click here to read this whitepaper.


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