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Turning Copper to Gold with Intelligent Switching

Today’s fixed-line telco networks are undergoing a constant infrastructure evolution. Operators are under increasing pressure to balance customer demand for more bandwidth and faster services with their own need for accelerated deployment and greater cost-efficiencies.

As operators continue to push fiber deeper into their access networks and closer to the customer, cost is not the only issue threatening success. Networks are increasingly having to manage the potential for disruption to customers. At the heart of the issue is the effect of change on customers—even when it portends faster, better and more reliable service. Whether the change involves running fiber over the last few hundred meters or upgrading their copper drops from analogy to digital, operators are quickly recognizing the need to manage the transition in order to minimize impact on the customer.

In this white paper, you can learn how telcos can extend the value of their legacy copper while moving toward FTTH. You will also learn:

•  How to maximise the value of the active copper running from the cabinet to the premise without having to rip and replace their legacy copper lines..
•  How LSA-PLUS HDS – a high-density, modular copper connectivity platform enables operators to easily upgrade DSL to IP broadband
•  How to accelerate upgrades and minimize service disruption for customers by automating MACs within the copper plant while upgrading the network

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