LTE North America Awards 2011 Winners:MetroPCS: “The mobile industry continues to change: it is an incredibly exciting time.”

We speak to Ed Chao, senior vice president, corporate engineering & network operations for MetroPCS, following the announcement of the company winning the ‘Significant Progress for a Commercial Launch of LTE by a Carrier’ category at the LTE North America Awards 2011, held earlier this week in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Can you tell us a little more about your entry?

MetroPCS’ submission for Significant Progress for a Commercial Launch of LTE by a Carrier describes MetroPCS’ commercial launch of its 4G LTE network in September 2010 and its continued expansion of 4G LTE networks into its various markets. MetroPCS has shown its commitment to LTE by launching services in all of its 14 core markets and bringing three LTE-enabled handsets (the Samsung Craft, Samsung Galaxy Indulge, and LG Esteem) to its customers. Now MetroPCS is focused on expanding its existing network and working with various handset manufacturers to bring down the price of LTE devices to better fit its customers’ needs.

Why do you think the judges chose your entry for this award?

MetroPCS is an innovative company and is focused on giving its customers excellent service at a great value. MetroPCS proved that it was at the forefront of innovation by launching the first 4G LTE network in the US.

What recent industry developments does it specifically address?

LTE is the accepted global standard for 4G services and MetroPCS has a deep wealth of knowledge as one of the first operators in the world to launch an LTE network.

What plans do you have to improve it in the coming months?

MetroPCS plans to expand its existing 4G LTE networks in its core markets and expects to achieve a one-on-one overlay of its existing CDMA network in 2012.

What changes do you believe are ahead for the LTE industry as a whole?

The mobile industry continues to change and it is an incredibly exciting time. In the coming year or so, we expect to see LTE handsets coming to the market at prices around US$100 or US$150 to consumers – without contract. We also expect additional services enabled by LTE to be developed and provide additional value to the industry.

How does being named in the awards shortlist benefit your business?

We are confident that the steps we are taking are right for the company and beneficial for our customers.

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