G-bomb goes off in handset industry

It’s finally happened. Google has activated its Android and set its sights firmly on Nokia/Symbian and Microsoft. And it looks like most of the rumours were right – Android is an operating system, middleware, a user interface and a set of applications. And it’s free. It’s got three of the top five handset vendors on board as well as 31 other companies, including hardware manufacturers and operators. For Moto, this looks like make or break time – if Android is successful it could help the company pull its fat out of the fire. For the rest of the handset vendors it looks like they’ll be split into two camps.

At the moment, the Google announcement raises a whole load more questions, only some of whcih will be answered by the release of the Software Development Kit (SDK) on November 12.


  1. Avatar Mark C. 09/11/2007 @ 4:21 am

    as a consumer, i’m throughly confused. i’m a big nokia fan, a mac addict and an avid googler… where do people like me go once H2 2008 rolls around?

    given apple’s predesposition to keep their devices and platforms tightly coupled, i’ve got my fingers crossed for an android-based nokia designed phone that syncs with a mac, and soon!

  2. Avatar Sanjeev Nawani 12/12/2007 @ 11:56 am

    Google launched a open handset alliance in similiar lines to Linux in desktop environment. If the open alliance is successful google is going to be the next microsoft in coming years. The penetration of Android will further enhance google’s chances of making its search engine invulnerable. So all the services we are getting on our desktops i.e file sharing etc. would be available on our mobiles with lots of online data capabilities.

    But the penetration of linux in desktop environment is still very low and people are skeptical about it. If Android also faces the same end it would be quite a setback for its handset division also which is all set to introduce GPhone… lets wait for the future to come… till then adieu

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