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Benign brother has got your back: China launches coronavirus app

China’s government bodies and businesses have jointly launched a mobile app to help the populace self-detect if they have been in close contact with those confirmed or suspected of carrying the novel coronavirus. The app has access to private data in the hands of multiple official holders.

Messaging app downloads increase by 50% in 2014 – report

Analyst firm App Annie has published its 2014 Retrospective report on last year’s top app trends, showing significant growth in ‘sharing economy’ apps such as Airbnb and Uber, as well as messaging app downloads increasing by over 50%.

WAC and JIL: Mobile app platforms merge

The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) on Wednesday completed its formation as a corporate entity and cemented its partnership with the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL). The company also outlined the business models it will pursue, putting it some distance behind competing platforms.

Application brands sway handset decisions

Branding is becoming an increasingly important tool in the battle for customer loyalty, something which Apple has exploited successfully in its assault on the mobile space. But research released this week reveals how the rise of content and application brands are now altering the mobile landscape.