MWC 2018

We need to talk about women in tech

At the end of MWC 2018 there were a series of talks and panel discussions under the banner of Women4Tech, which showed the way forward for the tricky discussion about how to increase the proportion of women working in tech.

We figured out what MWC 2018 is missing – news

We’ve been stalking the halls of the Fira, chatting over coffee and attending press conferences for the last two days and the only thing which is missing is an announcement with any substance.

Taking the BS out of BSS

Conversations at MWC 2018 with a couple of telecoms vendors reveal a more pragmatic, bespoke approach to doing business.

MWC 2018 – who are we trying to convince?

Mobile World Congress can feel like a geeky take on Groundhog Day – different year, same 5G hyperbole – but we need to get better at interacting with normal people.