Touchless gesture-based phones and flexible screens on the horizon

The new innovations that could revolutionise handsets are making their way to the market after a Korean handset manufacturer announced it is launching an Android handset equipped with touchless hand gesture recognition technology, while Samsung has confirmed it will be launching devices next year that will have flexible display screens.

Pantech unveils bone phone

Korean handset manufacturer Pantech has introduced a “bone conduction” handset in Japan The user hears the voice of the caller by placing the bone conduction speaker against their head and ‘listening’ to the vibrations against the skull. The system has been designed to solve the problem of communicating in a noisy place but is also […]

Pantech hit by bankruptcy rumours

Korean handset maker Pantech & Curitel has been forced to suspend trading after the company was rocked by rumours of bankruptcy. The stock exchange reportedly asked for clarification of the situation by close of play on Tuesday evening (Korean time) but as of noon (UK time) no announcements had been made by the company. According […]