Apple and Google suspend some of their eavesdropping

Two of the world’s leading voice assistant makers pulled the plug on the respective analytics programmes of Siri and Google Assistant after private information including confidential conversations were leaked.

Apple hires Google AI guru to smarten up simple Siri

Apple might be one of the most powerful companies on the planet, with a loyal army of fans lauding the technological superiority of the iPhone, but Siri is as useful as an iron in a washing machine. The latest hire might help.

Google snaps up Siri developer and messaging app

Google has acquired a Californian startup which created a highly praised rich messaging application featuring a full fledged personal assistant along the lines of Apple’s Siri. Emu, which was started by veterans of Apple and Google, will be short lived however. The app only launched a few months ago and Google has confirmed it will be shut down later this month.

Motorola champions ‘hands-free’ device

Handset maker Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google, has launched a smartphone designed to be primarily controlled by voice. According to the firm, the Moto X handset has an “active display” which constantly feeds new information to the user without the use of notifications and pop ups.

Siri founder leaves Apple

Dag Kittlaus, entrepreneur and co-founder of voice control software and ‘personal assistant’ Siri, has departed Apple just days after seeing his application launched as part of the latest iPhone package.

Apple goes for commanding lead with Siri in iPhone 4S

At Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone press event yesterday, the company launched a new handset – the iPhone 4S. The key new feature that could provide the real draw for consumers and enhance the user experience is the new integrated voice-recognition technology. Apple generated much excitement by naming the launch event “Let’s Talk iPhone”, and it is now apparent why, as voice recognition appears to be the handset’s key differentiator.

Apple buys mobile search firm

Apple added another string to its bow this week with the acquisition of a mobile search service which pitches itself as a “virtual digital assistant”.