Indoor LTE coverage seen as competitive differentiator

A large number of operators feel that indoor LTE coverage is an important competitive differentiator today. When respondents to the Intelligence Industry Survey 2014 were asked to rate on a scale of one to seven where seven represented “extremely important”, 44.4 per cent of respondents and 48 per cent of operator respondents scored indoor LTE coverage six or seven for importance as a differentiator.

Devicescape CVN grows to 20 million wifi hotspots

Wifi offload specialist Devicescape has announced that its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of amenity wifi hotspots has grown 82 per cent year on year to surpass 20 million hotspots worldwide. The firm added that it is on track for that figure to grow to 100 million hotspots by the end of 2017.

Airtel launches HDV in three African markets

The African arm of Indian operator Bharti Airtel has begun deployment of HD voice services, beginning in Rwanda, Kenya and Malawi. The firm said that these deployments are the “first step” in its ambition to roll the technology out across its entire African footprint.

Opcos looking to enterprise for cloud revenue

Large enterprise customers remain the focus for mobile operators worldwide when it comes to deploying cloud services, the Intelligence Industry Survey has revealed. Just over 10 per cent of respondents believe that more than 50 per cent of cloud revenue will come from the enterprise segment over the next 24 months. On average, respondents believe that around 33 per cent of cloud revenue will come from this segment.

Mobile marketing key to customer relationships

More than half of respondents to the Intelligence Industry Survey 2013 felt that the most important function of mobile as a marketing channel was for operators’ own relationship marketing. By contrast the use of mobile as a promotional channel for the distribution of third party content was deemed the least important by 43.5 per cent of respondents.

Investment in fibre priority for fixed operators

Fibre has been identified as the top priority in terms of investment for fixed line operators over the next 24 months. Investment in fibre was followed by cloud and IPTV/video by respondents to Intelligence’s Industry Survey 2013.

Small cell offload rated most important technology for operators

Small cell offload represents the most important technology to operators over the next two years, according to the Intelligence Industry Survey. On a scale of one to five where one is the lowest in importance and five is the highest, a fifth (20.6 per cent) of respondents rated small cell offload five, with a further 40 per cent rating it four.

Cloud expectations sky-high for operators

Cloud services will be one of the key revenue generators for operators over the next 24 months, according to data from the Intelligence Industry Survey 2013, with over 80 per cent of respondents expecting operators to own their own cloud infrastructure within the next two years. Over 90 per cent expect operators to be selling cloud services within the same time frame.

LTE to shake up vendor status quo

With its architecture based entirely on IP, the introduction of LTE networks could result in major changes to the infrastructure vendor market. Data from the Intelligence Industry Survey 2013, revealed that two-thirds of telecoms professionals (67.5 per cent) believe that the move to LTE will change the relative standings of infrastructure suppliers. Just 0.9 per cent strongly disagreed with this statement.

Mobile operators losing battle for brand loyalty

Almost four in ten respondents to The Intelligence Industry Survey 2013 suggested that over-the-top (OTT) players have defeated mobile operators in the battle for consumer loyalty. A similar proportion of operator respondents agreed with this statement as respondents from the sector as a whole.