Operator boards to blame for lack of innovation

The boards of the world’s ten largest operators are dominated by executives with legal, financial and engineering backgrounds, resulting in a conservative culture that “struggles to drive and nurture innovation”, according to recruitment consultancy European Leaders.

Vonage settles with Verizon for $120m

Troubled internet telephony company Vonage said Thursday that its settlement with US carrier Verizon over a patent dispute would cost the company $120m. Vonage said that the cost of its settlement will be effectively capped at a maximum of $32m, in addition to the $88m already accrued and held in escrow. The final terms of […]

Vonage settles with Sprint; wins breathing space

Embattled internet telephony provider Vonage won itself a bit of breathing space on Monday, announcing a settlement of its patent dispute with US cellco Sprint. The settlement is valued at $80m, including $35m for past use of licence, $40m for a fully paid future licence, and $5m in prepayment for services. In September, a Kansas […]

Vonage has workaround plan

Embattled internet telephony provider Vonage may have solved two of the three patent issues presently putting the company at risk of closure. Speaking at the company’s first quarter financial results announcement on Thursday, Jeffrey Citron, Vonage chairman, said: “We believe we have workable designs for the two name translation patents and intend to begin deploying […]

Vonage refused retrial

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has rejected Vonage’s request for a retrial in its patent dispute against Verizon Communications. Earlier this week, embattled VoIP provider, Vonage, filed a request for a retrial of the case in which it was found guilty of infringing Verizon owned patents. The motion followed a landmark […]

Death of patent troll sparks Vonage retrial request

Embattled VoIP provider, Vonage, filed a request with the US Court of Appeals on Tuesday, asking for a retrial of the case in which it was found guilty of infringing Verizon owned patents. In a landmark decision on Monday, the US Supreme Court passed legislation making it easier to invalidate patents that are deemed obvious […]

Vonage throws oranges at Verizon

Embattled VoIP operator Vonage has launched a national campaign to “raise awareness of the importance of consumer choice”. But the launch of a new website, freetocompete.com, and the full page ads in US newspapers, smack more of a desperate attempt to save its bacon. Vonage faces the very real threat of closure after being found […]

Vonage wins right to sign up more users

Embattled internet telephony player, Vonage, bought itself some more time on Tuesday, when an appeals court granted a permanent stay on an injunction that would have barred it from signing up new customers. Late Tuesday, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. issued Vonage a permanent stay, overturning a previous […]

Vonage still wooing customers

Despite being on the verge of bankruptcy and having the threat of disconnection hanging over it like the sword of Damocles, Vonage is valiantly trying to sign up more subscribers and fast. A telecoms.com reader forwarded us an email advertisement on Wednesday, offering existing US subscribers the option to save an additional 20 per cent, […]

Vonage considering sale?

Despite a very real fear of disconnection and bankruptcy, shares were actually up at beleaguered VoIP firm Vonage on Tuesday night. The reasons for the increase are less than clear cut but one of the more outlandish rumours is that Vonage is in discussions with a buyer and that buyer may be Sprint Nextel. Shares […]

Vonage CEO quits

Beleaguered VoIP firm, Vonage, on Thursday announced that its CEO Michael Snyder, has stepped down and resigned from the company’s board of directors. Vonage also announced that Jeffrey A. Citron, the company’s chairman, has been appointed as the interim CEO and is expected to serve on a short-term basis. In a statement, Vonage said it […]

Vonage wins temporary reprieve

Internet telephony player Vonage won itself some breathing space on Friday night, just hours after a US court ordered it to stop signing up new customers. On Friday afternoon, the US District Court in Alexandria said it would enter injunction against Vonage on April 12 in connection with certain Verizon technology on which it was […]