Apple already working on a patch for the first iOS 8 patch

A week after launching iOS 8 Apple has released, and almost immediately withdrawn, an update to the operating system. The withdrawal of the update follows reports of significant functionality issues the iOS 8.0.1 update has caused in users’ phones.

Issues reported by users who downloaded the update include the loss of mobile reception and ability to use Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition functionality. Ironically, Apple released the iOS 8.0.1 to fix other issues associated with the new operating system, including a bug in the HealthKit apps and problems with third party keyboards, reachability, photo library and SMS/MMS messages.

However, although the original issues were addressed, the update has apparetly caused more harm than good to those who managed to download it in the short time it was available.

Apple has released guidance on its website on how to work around the issues by reinstalling iOS 8 through the latest version of iTunes on a Mac or PC. In the support document the company also confirms it is working on a new update, iOS 8.0.2, which it says will be available “in the next few days.”

Apple has also faced other woes with its new iPhone release in the last few days, as reports emerged some users’ iPhone 6 Plus have been bent, apparently due to the super thin aluminium casing. Some have claimed the case is not supportive enough for the fairly large screen of 5.5.inches, but others have said any damage to the hardware is just down to user neglect. Apple has so far not offered a comment on this.

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