Android dominates Apple for global mobile gaming downloads

Gaming platform Unity has unveiled stats confirming Android dominates the mobile gaming sector in the majority of global markets.

Unity’s Games by the Numbers report detailed uptake of mobile gaming applications across all markets, tracking the number of downloads of games powered by the Unity 3D platform.  Its analysis consisted of more than 4.4 billion installs over 1.7 billion unique devices worldwide in Q2 2016, providing a comprehensive view of global gaming trends.

According to the findings, Android is by far the dominant platform the world over for mobile gamers. Android devices are responsible for 82% of total mobile game installs, while iOS stands at 17%. Android’s dominance in these standings stems from its uptake in emerging markets on entry level smartphones, with densely populated growing economies leaning heavily on Android platforms on mobile.

Indonesia, India and Brazil are three examples or regions where Android has a greater than 90% market share in the mobile gaming sector, according to Unity’s numbers. Korea gives Android more than 90% share in another market, perhaps unsurprising given Samsung’s complete and utter market dominance with its Android-running Galaxy smartphones. Of the top 10 countries ranked by Unity, Japan was the only market where iOS saw dominance of any kind, with 53% of all mobile gaming downloads.

“The global games market continues to grow, with exciting progress in emerging economies,” said John Cheng, General Manager of Unity Analytics. “Unity’s dedicated to helping developers succeed, and the information provided by Unity Analytics will help mobile developers capitalize on emerging trends.”

Apple and Samsung between them account for nearly half of all global mobile installs and lead as the two most popular mobile device manufacturers. It’s worth pointing out, with Unity being the platform which enabled 4.4 billion mobile games to be downloaded in the last quarter, that it isn’t the developer for Pokémon Go.

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