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5G Network Performance and Visibility

NETSCOUT’s industry-proven service assurance, security and big data solutions, fueled by Smart Data, can be leveraged by CSPs for all critical phases of the 5G life cycle; which include prelaunch, launch and operations.

Innovation is not a new concept. In fact, mankind has been innovating for as long as we have walked the face of the planet. And that innovative spirit has brought us to what many consider to be the fourth industrial revolution! An important aspect of this revolution is the advent of Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology, which will be the enabling force behind digital transformation (DX). The blistering fast speed of 5G will make high volume, real-time applications possible, opening a world of opportunities around artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and a world filled with connected devices. Everything that can be connected, will be connected.

The whitepaper covers the following:

  • Why Vendor Independence and Agility matters for 5G and Beyond
  • The Key to delivering Visibility Anywhere
  • Why carriers should take advantage of NETSCOUT’s 5G Life Cycle approach during prelaunch, launch, and operations

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