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Smarter Network Capacity Planning to Drive ROI & Customer Experience

Capacity planning in telco networks has evolved over time. With increasing capex and falling ARPU affecting the bottom line, telcos today are turning to the latest technologies like analytics and machine learning to gain more visibility into network investments. However, they often overlook the parameters that impact the business outcomes. Most of the capacity enhancements today focus on technology KPIs rather than business metrics, leading to overspending and revenue loss. With capex and customer experience positioned as the key business KPIs to ensure profitability, it’s time for telcos to take a smarter capacity planning approach that incorporates the business aspects while addressing the technical considerations.

This white paper, “Smarter Network Capacity Planning to Drive ROI and Customer Experience,” gives an overview of how capacity planning has evolved over the past few years and explains the need for a revised strategy for telcos looking to drive better ROI and improved customer experience from network investments. It proposes a smarter network management strategy that helps them build capacity planning on a few “smart KPIs” and achieve their goals.

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