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IDC Spotlight Whitepaper: Telco BSS is key to enabling speed, agility, and partner monetization

Stagnant revenue growth has put extensive pressure on telcos to transform their commercial models and undertake deep technology changes across their business. For telcos’ base connectivity product, this means revolutionizing network infrastructure through cloudification, embedding AI and automation across network operations, and exposing more value to customers and partners. This success cannot be realized without an overhaul of a telco’s business support systems (BSSs), which manage monetization and customer and partner engagement.

Learn more on how to take up this BSS overhaul and take up the journey from Telco to Techco:

  • How telcos can grow in B2B with partnerships
  • The journey of Telco to Techco transformation with some success examples
  • How to leverage BSS to unlock the potential of future services
  • Learn more on Optiva BSS
  • Conclusion

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