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The Digital BSS Dividend: Unlocking 30pc EBIT Rise for Enterprise Services

By digitising their business support systems (BSS), operators can address declining revenue growth in the enterprise segment and increase their EBIT, potentially by as much as 34%.

This report, commissioned by MDS Global and written by STL Partners, outlines the quantifiable benefits that operators could achieve by digitising their BSS systems, focusing on the following digital BSS use cases:

  1. Real-time billing management
  2. Automated service configuration and purchasing
  3. Partner/wholesaler management
  4. Customer analytics
  5. Zero-touch end user account management

By implementing a combination of these use cases, operators will be able to serve their enterprise customers in a more agile and efficient way, and as the market moves towards cloud-native and 5G-enabled applications, they will be able to expand their service offerings beyond connectivity, enabling them to deliver more value to their customers.

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