Telco:CODE is the new international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders shaping the future of IT and DevOps in the telecommunications industry. After the successfulfintech:CODE andretail:CODE event in the UK,telco:CODE is now launching as the first DevOps, Continuous Delivery-, & Software Development event for senior executives in the telecommunications industry! The event fills the demand for high quality,agenda setting content and inspirationalend user speakers sharing their experiences on how DevOps, IT and Cloud is changing the telecommunications sector.

Main topics in 2017:
• Business & Strategy Sessions – DevOps, Engineering, Software Development Business Strategy
• Business & Strategy Sessions – Scaling, Continuous Integration and Delivery in practice
• Technical & Operational Sessions – DevOps & Software Development, Transforming IT Infrastructure in the telecommunications sector
• Organizational & Team Sessions – Cultural Change – DevOps Teams

For further information about the event, check out: www.telco-code.com

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